perjantai 2. marraskuuta 2007

Mama I'm Coming Home...

Here we are, at the backstage in Lubeck, the very last gig on this tour. Jukkis (AKA Cousin It from the Addams Family) from Norther is bothering me, and I have to figure out something smart to tell all y'all from the last few days. Luckily the other Amo-Apes promised to help me out...

After Wien we played at Frydek Mistek, in the basement of an elementary school. It was funny to load in the stuff while kids ran around wondering how come their yard is full of tired-looking rockers. The gig was fun, small crowd but they seemed to like the set. We got challenged to a football game by a couple of locals, needless to say we got our asses kicked severely. We stayed at the venue partying with some good people until it was time to get on the bus and head back to Germania. -Ben

After the load in me and Silver walked around and checked out the hoods of Munich for nearly 2 hours... We weren't in downtown so it took us a while to find anything interesting and another while to get back to the venue. The show wasn't as good as the most of this tour, but I think (hope) it went down pretty well to some people... If I remember right, this was the night we watched two different Bad Boys movies, the action comedy and the other one with Sean Penn in it. Back to Czech Republik. -Niko

Prague was a city many waited for on this tour. After the load in 4/5 of amoral and 2/4 of drone headed to see the sights. We walked around for 2 hours straight. Beatiful city it was. Bridges n' rivers n' stuff. Nice! Dinner was a in a very nice restaurant and we had civilized business conversations with the norttiboys. The gig was fun. Audience was truly wild! All the bands were obviously very happy with the evening. Afterparty was held at the nearby park by our main dudes Drone and their friends that had travelled to Prague. Night consisted mostly of a drinking game called Flankyball (too complicated to explain, but it was funny!) and observing some hilariously drunken locals falling around the park. The tour manager decided it would be a good idea to leave 20 minutes earlier, when the cops showed up... -Silver

Back in Germany again, this time Berlin. I had catched the cold some days earlier, so not much partying from my part recently. I didn't even have the interest to go around for a walk in the center like the other guys, just hanging around in the backstage/bus. The gig went horribly from my part... I didn't have a place to warm up with my pedals, so all the faster double bass parts went "floating". If you know what I'm talking about, good. If not, all the better :D Actually I've done numerous shows without warming up at all, and all the double bass parts locked in. But now, my legs seem to be over stressed or something. The other guys were complaining as well, that the gig wasn't really our best. Anyways, I got some compiments from the audience, and Heikki from Norther told me that I played better than never before. WTF?!? After the show some of the guys went to a disco, while the nerds, including myself, decided to stay in the bus. The wireless internet connection of the venue was working there. Oh, there was a great kebab place right next to the venue. Total Döner!!!!!!!!!!! -Juhana

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Anquis I.H. kirjoitti...

Hi guys. Your gig in Prague was simply amazing. Full satisfaction! I take some friends of mine along to see you. They've been succesfully reeducated from indie rockers to true headbangers. Thanks! :-D I wasn't expecting much from other bands (as I did not know them before) but I was nicely surprised.

See you next time in Czech rep.