maanantai 5. marraskuuta 2007

No sleep 'til bedtime

We made it back alive! Who would've thought... The last gig of the tour in Lubeck was a blast. Everyone was smiling the whole day, as we all knew that there'd be last-gig pranks all over the place during all three sets. Drone had been playing a bit of Eye of the Tiger before the last song of the set for the whole tour, so we decided they need a boxing match onstage to go with the tune. Gagball was the sexy lady with the "round 1" sign, Silver was the referee and me and Niko were the fighters. Besides that, Norther's sound engineer messed with Drone's intro, which made sure the guys knew the name of the game from the very beginning of their set. They also got their share of "cymbal stealing" and other must-have's...

We got the messiest stuff of the three bands: Juffi and the drumset were covered in nuts, chips and just about everything else during one song, oranges and apples were rolling to the stage during another... during Showdown I got hit in the face by a wet softball, which the Norhter guys were throwing onstage for a while. Niko couldn't sing half of the song, he was laughing so hard. Pete from Norther tried to mess around with my effect pedals, but got frustrated when he realized I didn't really give a damn. During Snake Skin Saddle Mutz from Drone joined us onstage once again, and decided it would be a good idea to lift me on his shoulders during the solo. Must've looked funny, even tho the lead sounded like shit. But even with all this extra nonsense, we thing it was one of our best shows ever!

And then the headliner... From the very beginning of Norther's set their stage water was replaced with vodka, so the guys were pretty much drunk for the whole show. Silver decorated Kride's mic with Gagball's used sock, which almost made Kride throw up as he was trying to sing his part. All of us six-stringers ran onstage with our guitars during C.U.S. for some guitar aid. And then there's Frozen Angel, which Norther smartly left for last: Amoral and Drone had bought two pairs of angel wings, princess skirts, small fireworks etc the previous day, to transform Niko and Gagball into two beautiful, hairy frozen angels. Shaving foam is perfect as fake frost, btw. The show ended with all three bands onstage singing Michael Jackson's Heal the World. It was breathtaking, to say the least.

And there it was, the last gig of 20. It was all emotional backstage, everyone was happy yet sad it was over so soon. We said bye to a couple of guys who'd be leaving straigth from the venue, the rest of us would take the bus to the airport.

One more afterparty on the bus, guys getting all misty-eyed to Bon Jovi's Always and Mötley's Home Sweet Home... We didn't sleep for that many hours before it was 11am and time for us to get the hell out of the bus, which by then was parked in front of our hotel in Hamburg (we would fly back to Finland on sunday the 4th). Last goodbyes with the Drone guys and back to sleep. Later that night some of us went out to party for the last time in Reeperbahn, while other's hanged around the hotel. We flew back the next day, and besides us having to pay 200 euros for overweight it was just another hung-over flight.

The tour was so much fun it's ridiculous. Thanks to the killer crew and our fellow bands for being such great and fun company. We miss you already! And thanks to all of you who came to see us and showed your support, we appreaciate it. Hope to see you on tour again soon... -Ben

Amoral setlist (all gigs except Salzburg, where we had to leave Decrowning out):

1.Leave Your Dead Behind
5.Denial 101
7.Snake Skin Saddle

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Martin (Drone) kirjoitti...

Hey guys, we have most of the fun stuff of the last show on youtube!!!

I nearly pissed myself editing this stuff.
We all miss you guys and hope we will rock out again sometime!!

~kaarne jackson~ kirjoitti...

wow guys it was awesome xD