maanantai 22. lokakuuta 2007

20.10 - Schweinfurt / Alterstatt Bahnhof

Many went to bed early last night and just as many were full of energy when it was time to wake up! We were all eager to start the load-in hours before the get-in time, which was actually pretty creepy. But as I was one of them, I didn't mind. Some coffee, a few tomatoes(!) and an apple and we were ready to start the action. All right guys, let's do this! At the same time a friend of the crew came to say hello and brought a water cannon with her. I don't know what's going on with Ben and Jukkis (Norther bass), but they had a wet and wild war going on! And boy, that sure was fun to watch for the rest of us! After the load-in, we checked out da hoodz and what a nice castle they have here in the Porktown. And fresh air! Feels good to breathe in something else than smoke and sweat every once in a while. Which reminds me, Ykä and I have had the ugliest smelling stage shirts since the beginning! My god how they stink! Gotta find a laundry service during the day-off after tomorrow... Norther guys bought a small amplifier (don't want to promote the brand, but I can tell you that the amp is really small and rhymes with "lube"...) from a local music store but we didn't make it before they closed the place. Damn! We did buy some boring stuff though (toothpaste, clothes, etc..), but the coolest moment today was definitely when some local old lady came to Juffi at this mall and made him smell some shampoo! And we didn't understand a word...

The show started out fairly modest but got much better till the end. After our show, I spotted a biker-guy who was forbidden to get in because he had a pet rat on his shoulder! Now how cool is that? -Niko

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Audrey kirjoitti...

A 'friend of the crew', hu? ;)

where are the photos of the watergun???
Mama Aune