tiistai 30. lokakuuta 2007

27.10. - Salzburg, Halloween Metal Festival

From the mountains of might we rode onwards to Salzburg. Our red dragon of steel already rested beside a fellow nightliner of Gorefest, as our soldiers of metal found their way to the battlefield one by one.
The day was to be a festival so we weren't the only rockstars in the venue. Daytime went very smoothly for us, because we didn't have to do a soundcheck and there were a lot of local stagehands assisting the event. The venue was packed with around 800 maniacs all hungry for metal. The audience was unanimoustly declared the fanatical of the tour so far and our sound was told to be one of the best we've had. Partying continued through the evening at backstage and around the venue once again. -Silver

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*GiOrDaNa* kirjoitti...

Ah,I Was There!!!It's Been A Very Great Show,The Best Of These 3 Days I Have Been In Tour With You!!!:) Niko,You Are My Myth!*

°bLoOdY KiSsEs°

__BlooDy_ kirjoitti...


your show at halloween metal festival was amazing!!!
best show of the whole festival!!!
hope you play soon in austria again