maanantai 22. lokakuuta 2007

21.10. - Frankfurt, Nachtleben

I’m pretty good at sleeping late. So good that most of the times I wake up, the bus is already empty of people. Well, the upstairs at least.

Today, the only reason why the bus wasn’t empty already when I woke up, was that we arrived to the venue at 15:30 or so. The fact that people were drinking until the early morning hours the night before could also have something to do with it. When we got to the venue, it was a quick snack in the backstage followed by an even quicker load-in. Everyone had more or less hangover (or "ruotsinlaiva-fiilis" like we say in Finnish), so during the Norther soundcheck (which, by the way, seems to be a pretty long procedure) we were just sitting around with a coffee in hand and reflecting on yesterday’s happenings.

The gig was actually really good tonight, the audience was active and seemigly enjoying our show. A lot of photographers also, so we did all the possible rockstar poses imaginable. We had a shower option in a nearby hotel, so we headed there straight after the gig. As there was only one shower, and I got the last turn, I was sitting in the hotel lounge for about one hour. As I finally got in the shower, the Norther gig was already finished. That means I missed the equipment packing part, booya!

The rest of my evening was spent in the bus playing Far Cry on my laptop, while Silver played his PSP across the table. To top out the gayness, Kride from Norther came to the next seat with a cup of tea in his hand. No trace of yesterdays drunken madness. It’s good to have a balance in everything, you know? Before heading to my bunk I took a quick look to the upper lounge, where people were watching Scarface. -Juhana

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