perjantai 19. lokakuuta 2007

Hannover, Musikzentrum

I have another one of those Bon Voyage moments, when I walk in the venue still half asleep and realize I'vee been here before. Musikzentrum is a cool venue, with big backstage areas and a nice big stage. We're at Drone's home town, which the boys decide to celebrate by throwing everyone a big BBQ-party in the parking lot. Damn, do these Germans know have to have a good time or what? Ribs, sausages, mushrooms and everything in between gets grilled and eaten by the hungry hippies. A huge thank you to Drone, the soundcheck was so much more enjoyable with our tummies full of meat...

I remembered finding this coolest little cemetery when being here last year, it was like something straight out of a Tim Burton movie, with crooked crosses and tombstones on a small hill. I really wanted to go there again, but of course it started raining the second I start to get my jacket on. so it's another day sitting at the backstage and fighting the other 18 people for the internet cable, wicked! Well, it's showtime pretty quickly, time to get our boogie on.

The gig goes well, big crowd, great sound on stage and a warm response from the Hannoverians. The good mood carries to the afterparty, which is done old school style: Drone's homiez came to the gig with vans, which we use as boomboxes to blast Pantera for the whole neighborhood to hear. It's cold as hell but no-one lets that bother them. We stand outside until 2am sippin' beer and getting to know Drone's posse, which are all good people, until it's time to leave. The party continues on board until the small hours. Our karaoke versions of "Kiss From a Rose" and "Summer of '69" don't seem to amuse everyone, as (for the first time on this tour) the bus driver decides to pull over and remind us we're not alone on the bus. To which Norther's Pete replies "but we're having a party, this is normal". End of conversation. I find myself nodding in my seat at around 7am, and decide to go to bed before I pass out downstairs and wake up with my face decorated with a black marker... -Ben

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Hahhah, good old "bon voyage"! :D