maanantai 29. lokakuuta 2007

24.10 - Pratteln, Z7

Ahhh... the lovely Z7! We played here last year so we kinda knew what to expect: good showers, delicious catering and a big venue. And this night's show was something completely different from that of last night; the stage was huge, the stage volume was almost too low and just like the Finns in Formula 1, we did our best but some tehcnical difficuties made it pretty hard to rock out with your rooster out... -Niko

The theme of this night's afterparty was the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson. Even though "Thriller" is the ultimate classic album, it's "Dangerous" that most of us listened to back in the beginning of the 90's, so that was the one we chose to be played through at a not-so-resonable volume. The highlight of the evening was definitely the song "Heal the World", spiced up with a 10-piece hippie choir. Again, we got a lot of kudos next day from the people who were trying to sleep upstairs. Jacko, thank you for your music, we love you man! -Ben

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