keskiviikko 24. lokakuuta 2007

23.10. - Saarbrucken, Roxy

Finally back in business! After a long and gruelling day off it's time to rock again. We get in the venue (called Roxy, how cool is that?), and everyone marvels at the sight: probably the best backstage ever! three showers and a couple of bathrooms, all CLEAN, two separate backstage rooms, a lounge, a big dining room and a perfect internet connection... what more could a punk rocker ask for? Well, a good stage sound is one: it's funny that with a backstage like this, the stage itself wasn't all that, with loads of problems with feedback, low frequencies etc. Oh well, at least we'd be comfy before and after the show...

The gig itself was a bit of a headfuck. The first couple of songs were just horrible: none of us could hear ourselves on stage, we fucked up all over the place and the small crowd didn't seem to be all that into it. But our magnificent lil' monkeyboi Niko grabbed the audience by the balls and turned the gig into a victory. Around the third song the audience was all the way up in front, headbanging, cheering, the whole nine yards... So what started as a crappy gig turned out to be a killer one instead! We even had Mutz from Drone on stage to sing Snake Skin Saddle with us, good timez..

We must've done something right, as for the first time on this tour the tour manager walks into our backstage after the gig and hands us our own bottles of Jägermeister and Jim Beam. Which is highly appreciated, of course! Time flies as we're singing Bon Jovi on the bus, drinking BananaMeisters (our new favourite drink, banana juice and Jäg sure do mix well!) while driving towards Switzerland. I've seen a mil... thousand faces, and I've rocked them all! -Ben

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